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Bursa Trip

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Introduction to the Green Bursa and Uludağ Mountain Trip

Marmara Istanbul Tourism Company invites you to its regular tours in Turkey, taking you through the lush landscapes of Green Bursa and the enchanting snowy heights of Uludağ Mountain. This journey promises to let you revel in the splendid natural views, visit the ancient tree, and enjoy a comprehensive tour with a group of fellow travelers and an informative guide. All of this, along with the necessary transportation and distinctive services, is provided by Marmara Istanbul Tourism Company (your constant travel companion).

Key Activities During the Green Bursa and Uludağ Mountain Trip

The Green Bursa and Uludağ Mountain trip by Marmara Istanbul Tourism Company kicks off with breakfast in the outskirts of Istanbul. From there, you’ll head to the city of Bursa by car and sea ferry. Upon reaching Bursa, you’ll ascend to the famous summit of Uludağ Mountain via a cable car, where you’ll experience an enjoyable cable car tour and witness the mesmerizing views of green meadows and white mountains in winter. Following that, there are opportunities for various activities and events.

Afterward, you’ll descend from the mountain’s summit, proceed to have lunch, and then head to visit the ancient tree before it’s time to return to your hotel in Istanbul.

This trip offers a fantastic blend of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and outdoor activities, making it an unforgettable adventure in Turkey.”

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